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Location: Mississippi, USA (Hattiesburg, Jackson, Meridian)

Did you get a call from 601-517-3640?  Read the comments below to find out information about this number. You can also report unwanted calls to help identify callers.

I got this
July 27, 2020, 8:17 am

These PPL are trespassing on my property, stalking me. They say, do things like calling me, shooting guns and scaring my family and pets. They leave threatening voicemails. Things of that nature. I have filed a report.

Caller Company: Stalkers
I got this
July 27, 2020, 8:56 am

PLS STOP calling this number. It's MY PERSONAL cell phone number.

July 27, 2020, 10:36 am

If this was true then you wouldn't put it along with "your own number" out there.

Caller Company: Phoney
Just stop
July 27, 2020, 3:47 pm

Whoever you are, stop calling.

Caller Company: Whoever
Caller Type: Unknown
July 27, 2020, 6:24 pm

Mr david is a indian tech scammer

Caller Company: Indian tech scammer
July 28, 2020, 10:25 am

Vicious, vile, threatening

Caller Company: Doug
Caller Type: Violent Threats
For the people
July 28, 2020, 11:21 am

Mrs. David Michaels is a sham, a fraud, and extortionist. Known for mail fraud, extortion and criminally falsifying business records according to fraudulent null & oid documents received in the mail. Do not deal with or associate with corrupt felons like this.

Caller Company: Mrs David Michaels
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
July 29, 2020, 12:28 pm

Hey Tim, answer my texts dawg!

Caller Company: Rowen, Payton, Hpsd
Caller Type: SMS
July 29, 2020, 2:39 pm

another one. call these guys and flood their phone. Indian scammers claiming to be from microsoft. waste their time.

Caller Company: doug
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
July 30, 2020, 8:21 pm

Scammer Fraud fuckers

BLAST THEM 503-470-1709

Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
July 31, 2020, 12:41 pm

Scammer Fraud fuckers

BLAST THEM 601-517-3640

Caller Company: 601-517-3640
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
July 31, 2020, 7:12 pm

They just called me and didn't leave any message. Phooey! Good thing my phone blocked it.

Caller Type: Spammer (Email/Junk Mail)
August 1, 2020, 1:24 pm

Indian tech support scam-spank them

Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
August 1, 2020, 11:59 pm

computer scammer blow up his phone and shut him down

Caller Company: unknown scammer
Caller Type: Violent Threats
August 2, 2020, 3:23 pm

He wants access to my pc and hes not getting it either

Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
August 2, 2020, 10:25 pm

This person called my phone with racist epithets followed by some sort of scam. Go mess with them, as they kept calling my phone non stop.

Caller Company: Spam caller
Caller Type: Violent Threats
My name
August 3, 2020, 5:40 am

This Jonathan guy keeps calling pretending to be Sean from Medicare (801#) and last night he called pretending to be Chris calling from a 250#.

Caller Company: Jonathan Sean Chris all the same person
Caller Type: Prank Call
Martin 122013
August 3, 2020, 3:30 pm

This scammer will set you up for a big fall. Dont call them back. It's not worth the headache.

Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
Throw the trash out
August 3, 2020, 6:39 pm

Complete trash. Have been calling roughly every 5 minutes for the past few hours.They said my social security number was going to be suspended because there has been illegal activities on it. They are blocked but still proceed to call. I tired to call back and got the voicemail.

Caller Company: SSA
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
Larry s
August 3, 2020, 8:20 pm

U have no real report .no name. Is it robo, sales, spam ?? ? ?what does this site do .let's see if you research this .

August 3, 2020, 9:25 pm

No report ! ! u got no info .is it spam !.is it robo dose no. Have a name on record ? ?

Willie Charles
August 3, 2020, 9:28 pm

This person called my phone with racist epithets followed by some sort of scam. Go mess with them, as they kept calling my phone non stop.

Caller Company: Larry s
Caller Type: Violent Threats
Larry (dot) s
August 4, 2020, 5:35 am

Destroyed by
ScammerDestroyers (dot)(com)

Larry (dot) s
August 4, 2020, 5:36 am

i fucked this number right up the ass owned by bandwidth!

Caller Type: Violent Threats
Larry (dot) s
August 4, 2020, 5:38 am

He got told by our bot!

Caller Type: Violent Threats
Larry (dot) s
August 4, 2020, 5:39 am

wow what a number

Caller Type: Violent Threats
Larry (dot) s
August 4, 2020, 5:41 am

This number called my house today. Some Forginer from India was on the other end saying my suscription was expired if i didn't give gifts i would have my computer taken away and be arrested

Caller Type: Violent Threats
August 4, 2020, 11:54 am

Said they were going to serve a warrant under my SS number the next day between 3 an 5. Something else about getting the media involved?

Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
August 4, 2020, 4:12 pm

Shelia, start your week right with an extra 3000 in your bank. Msg stopto end or request& receive today (link)

Caller Type: SMS
August 4, 2020, 4:14 pm

Hi shelia ,I'm Daniela . We can offer up to 1225 for today only now that the unemployment 600 is done . (link)

Caller Type: SMS
August 4, 2020, 5:30 pm



Caller Company: SSA Scam- BLAST THEM
Master Baiter
August 4, 2020, 8:02 pm

Scammer in India! IRS

Caller Type: Violent Threats
Master Baiter
August 4, 2020, 10:26 pm

Social Security Scam from India- Crush Them

August 5, 2020, 4:50 am

This number called me twice, the second I declined. With a reverse lookup I saw it was a suspicious number.

August 5, 2020, 6:08 pm

Tina's calling from 16018089088, a textnow number, and 1 601 517 3640, all the same number.
Posted: August 5, 2020, 5:42 pm

Caller Company: Tina
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
Who me
August 5, 2020, 7:08 pm

Call me. I won't care.

Not tf
August 7, 2020, 2:56 pm

Haha! Call flooder cant touch this, jv and gary coleman coolers (stupid made up name)! Its not TF.

Caller Company: Not tf
Caller Type: Legit Caller
August 8, 2020, 12:16 pm

Has called several times

Caller Company: A man
Caller Type: Unknown
Trump 2020
August 10, 2020, 6:35 am

Who are you gonna vote for? TRUMP! It's Trump 2020 baby! Who gonna vote for in 2024? Trump Jr! Yeah baby, it's Trump all the way!

Caller Company: Trump 2020
August 10, 2020, 11:04 am

Spam text says:
It appears that your phone is leaking sensitive details. Please click this link NOW for a good cleansing.

Caller Type: SMS
We are Anonymous Investigations
August 11, 2020, 5:19 am

You're now being investagated by us. We got you're voicemail and no people this isn't a scammers number. We have verfied it. Don't call this number. We are a professional scambaiting company and are looking for spoofed callers, as well.

August 13, 2020, 12:49 pm

getting sick of this number calling the guy
wont even pick up and listen to my threats


Caller Company: JV
Caller Type: Violent Threats
August 14, 2020, 2:48 pm

Social Security Scam from Large Indian Call Center

Caller Company: James
August 16, 2020, 12:34 pm

Warning!! Social media scammers!!

Caller Company: James
Caller Type: Scammer/Phisher
August 17, 2020, 8:53 pm

Saksham, Grover (Willy) or Numberlord on discord [email protected]

Great White
August 18, 2020, 5:28 am

Tech Support Scam Fraud-Crush Them

BLAST THEM 601-517-3640

August 18, 2020, 2:45 pm

This James has texted me 5 times with the same message but now the number has changed.

Caller Type: SMS
August 18, 2020, 7:23 pm


August 19, 2020, 12:28 pm

Saksham, Grover (Willy) or Numberlord on discord [email protected]

August 20, 2020, 4:37 pm

Why is this number calling and hanging up? They wont answer when I call them back.

Caller Type: Unknown
August 20, 2020, 8:01 pm

Toxic Daddy James keeps spoofing this number. Its come along with alot of prevarication. His Genial mind will never discontiune this crap.

August 21, 2020, 7:50 am

scammer, they want you to send them a picture of a gift card

August 21, 2020, 9:53 pm

A man left a VM accusing me of calling him all night. I work during the day and sleep at night. He must have me confused with somebody else and now he won't stop calling.even after I blocked him.

August 21, 2020, 10:02 pm

What a little scardy cat

August 21, 2020, 10:04 pm

Sticks n stones dude......

Caller Company: Home
August 21, 2020, 10:11 pm


August 22, 2020, 5:24 am

A man left a VM accusing me of calling him all night. I work during the day and sleep at night. He must have me confused with somebody else and now he won't stop calling even after I blocked him.

Caller Type: Unknown
August 22, 2020, 9:43 am


August 22, 2020, 10:34 am

Comic book james is on the way

August 22, 2020, 10:49 am

This man is a fake preacher. He gets on chat lines and talks people into scientology.


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